Monday, January 4, 2010

I spent k60,000 for lunch!

Ha, today while Beth and I were shopping, we had a lot of fun trying to get our heads arround the roughly k4600 to the US$ exchange rate. I think we have everything we need, and whatever we don't we'll either get there or do without. My card is still frozen as the bank isn't open back home yet, but luckily Beth had enough cash to change so we could go shopping, and once I get some more cash I'll pay her back. Now I just need to finish repacking for the trip up to Sakeji so Mr. Ronald can load the trailer.

I went into imigration this morning to get my work permit, and I was able to pick it up with no problems. I had to leave to go make photo copies of some pages to bring back to them, but that is pretty typical of Zambia. Watching the way they threw folders arround and shuffled papers its a wonder anyone ever gets anything done! I now have a very offical looking, passport sized booklet with the seal of Zambia on the front--yay!

Lunch was a large (what we could consider a medium) pizza by the way--chicken and mushroom with a sort of creamy honey mustard sauce. Not exactally pizza hut, but pretty good! I also splurged and got a Coke since I figured it might be awhile till I got another. Well, once again my bags are failing to pack themselves, so I had better run.

Pictures are coming, but all my cords are at the bottom of a bag that I don't want to open for fear that I won't be able to get it closed again!


  1. You're probably already a millionaire!

  2. I'm so excited for you and your new life! What's the weather like there now? I guess I'm officially old... only old people want to what the weather is like! hee hee! - TL Allen