Monday, January 25, 2010

Saturday night was not my night. A storm was brewing, and lighting was flashing in the distance. On the way home from video I apparently stepped in a hole, my ankle gave way and I fell all over the road. I skinned my knee pretty good, but I was more worried about how I slammed the bag with my laptop, speakers, and I-pod down as I fell. Luckily nothing other than my knee was harmed. When we got home, we let Ceili in the house as a storm was obviously brewing. We have Ceili trained so that she only comes in the kitchen, and normally she is pretty good about it. We generally only let her in the house overnight, and she is pretty good about not messing in there, or at the very least restricting herself to one puddle. That night she started barking, and then came into the living room twice. We threw her back and told her, "You know you can't be in here—Kitchen!" Well, we went in the kitchen shortly after, and found that apparently she had eaten something that disagreed with her... Her poo was runny and very gross. We felt really bad then that we had been mad at her when she was apparently asking to go out! The storm continued to come towards us, and about 8:30-9 it started to rain.

After we cleaned up the floor, we were in the kitchen making tea, when the 240 power went out. So, we were there in the pitch dark trying to find the flashlight or matches. Beth found the matches, but she opened them upside down! We finally got the stove lit and found the 110 light switch. The 110 stayed on for about another hour and a half which really surprised us as it tends to go out at the first flicker of lightning. It had been raining really hard since about 9, but after the 110 went off the lightning got really spectacular. Beth and I sat in the dark living room watching the lighting and cringing as the thunder crashed over us. The lighting was striking practically in our backyard, and the walls were shaking and the window’s rattling. Beth started to video the backyard because it was so amazing to watch it get lit up bright as day in the flashes. One flash in particular was so bright that it sent both of us crouching behind the couch and then laughing at ourselves for being scared. I’m pretty sure that flash also lit one of the light bulbs in the dinning room for a few seconds.

We watched the storm for awhile longer before singing some hymns to drown out the rain and thunder, and then finally going to bed. We were sure that Jill would have been up comforting terrified kids all night, but most of them slept right through it. Lucky! I’ve never felt to exposed and vulnerable to a storm before. Everything seems so much more real out here—the sky is close, the sun is more intense, and the storms are so powerful and THERE. I remember the verse in “O Worship the King” that talks about the wings of the storm. After living through that intense evening, I have a new appreciation for the power of God!

I’m going to try and post about a typical day at Sakeji, as well as my schedule so y’all have some idea of how I fell my days! I might also do a ‘Kid of the Day’ feature where I introduce my students, but that’s going to depend on time and probably borrowing Beth’s camera as my cord is still in Texas. I hope you all have a blessed week, and thanks again for all your prayers and e-mails!


  1. That sounds like an exciting evening! I can just imagine opening the matches upsidedown in the dark... gahh! :-) I felt the same way about storms when I was in Florida for a summer... I don't know why, but it felt like the thunder was much much closer to the ground!

    Hope your ankle (and puppy) are feeling better. :)

  2. When we go out on our own, everything seems
    scarier, wilder etc. I remember those times
    too. Want you to know I are praying for you.
    Hope your classes are going well. Good luck
    with Puppy.. they are company once trained.
    He would love to set at or on your feet in the
    evening for confort..He is still a baby. Even
    with his big feet!!! Ha Love G.Weaver