Thursday, January 21, 2010

Still Alive...

I'm still alive, but very busy! I'm trying to stay one step ahead of my students, keep up with marking (note--handwritting takes a LOOOOOONG time), and take care of my puppy. Beth and I are having so much fun in our little house, and we're both enjoying the lush beauty of the area as well as the weather. We both have a knack for leaving our umbrellas at home when its raining, so we've gotten wet more than once walking to and fro!
Ceili is still doing well--we're working on training her to sit and stay before eating, and not leaving puddles in the kitchen overnight. She was doing so good! Our toilet was having problems and was out of commission for a day, but its back and flushing better than ever, so we are very thankful. I'm also enjoying my new matress--I've never slept on a new mattress before!
Well, marking is calling my name so I had better go. Thanks for reading and all your comments!

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