Friday, April 9, 2010

And so starts term break...

Yesterday was a wonderful day. Jill, Vickie, and the last of the children made it safely out, the storm held off till the evening, and Beth and I got to sleep in. We puttered around in the morning—I was catching up on letters and then we went for a walk to the garden behind the dinning hall. We got a few supplies out of the kitchen, and then returned home. In the afternoon almost all of us still on the station went swimming, and then after draining the pool we headed back up to our respective houses for supper. The single girls gathered to watch a movie, and though we had to stop once because of the lighting, we had a wonderful evening.

After going for the walk, I took care of the enormous ticks that Ceili had managed to pick up. I had been told to dab alcohol on their heads as that makes them faint and thus easier to pull out. It took Beth holding Ceili and dabbing alcohol and me pulling ticks, but we got them all off and squished. Gross! The other excitement yesterday was I killed a scorpion in our house. While Beth and I were eating supper, she saw something on the floor and said, “That almost looks like a scorpion!” I looked over and saw that it WAS a scorpion. I grabbed a shoe Beth’s mom sent over in one of her container boxes, and smacked it. Luckily it was only a little one and it didn’t sting either of us as we both go barefoot around the house.

I’m going to try my hand at making yogurt during the break. Beth doesn’t really care for it, but I really enjoy it, plus, it is made with easily obtainable ingredients. After I finish this up I’m going to go get some started from the kitchen.

Today I sorted through some books Bethany gave me to put in my classroom library, and I’ve continued to work on my sadly neglected correspondence. Hopefully there are enough stamps left!

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  1. Dear Lina: Glad you are getting a sleep-in now
    with the children gone..Ewww, I think I'd shake
    out my shoes before putting them on, & be sure
    to wear them in the house too!!! Can you get
    any Flea or tick med. for your Dog? If not,
    could your Mom put some in the crate she is
    packing for you??? Rec'd a letter yesterday
    from you. I need to write again..I am lazy!!
    Have a good recess. Hugs, gw