Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools Day at Sakeji

Today was full of little, unexpected happenings in honor of April Fool’s day. The kids were shocked when I told them that growing up we weren’t allowed to do anything to my brother who’s birthday falls on this strangely appropriate day. I was on tables last night, so I let the kids set them a little crazy. They had great fun putting marmite in strange places, hiding things in the tins, and switching the small serving spoons and butter knife with the teachers things.

This morning at breakfast the kitchen guys put the teachers tea and coffee at the other end of the dinning room, and at the front where they normally were, there were two pitchers of red ‘juice.’ The kids all gulped down their cup of water and were clamoring for seconds, so we let them go up and find out for themselves that they were enjoying glasses of water with red food coloring! The kids greed made it all the more funny—they were so eager to get some of the ‘better stuff.’

My 5th and 6th grade boys left me a gift on my desk—a note saying, “Thanks Miss Burklin for being such a good teacher.—from Fr 5 & 6 boys” and a tin making suspicious scrabbling noises. I shook the tin and held it out the window before opening it, and out jumped a few cricuts. I looked in and saw a really big, ugly caterpillar in there to. Its so nice to be loved!

As much fun as all those other pranks were, I think the best April fool’s prank was the one Beth and I pulled. My kids had a spelling exam first period, so right before second period I went down to lower school, went in the middle room and through to the long rooms across the back, and waited behind the door of Beth’s classroom. She finished Scripture, got her 2nd graders out the door for spelling, and then told her first graders, “I’m just going to leave! Bye!” and walked out. I waited for a few seconds to make sure she was out the door and to enjoy the kids, “There’s no teacher! We don’t have a teacher!” before bursting out of the back door and starting math class as if nothing had happened. Meanwhile Beth was going up to upper school to take my students for a math exam. It was a lot of fun for us, and it made our kids appreciate their respective teachers a bit more.

Well, I had better run—grades are due on Saturday and they aren’t putting themselves in the computer. Happy Easter all!


  1. Glad you had a fun day. It was very busy here and poor Flynn didn't have any kind of celebration! Supper ended up being eaten in three separate shifts!

  2. Dear Lena: I pulled an April fools joke too, it has been so cold her for so long, so the last
    couple days it was warm & I told a couple people
    it was snowing out...They gasp & then I said April
    Fool!!! Ha Have a Happy Easter...Hugs gw.