Friday, April 16, 2010

Very domestic

Yesterday Beth and I sorted through every cabinet in the kitchen except the two we origionally planned to go through and put away all the food that the Poidevins had given us as they were packing up. We did a lot of baking--since we had the oven on and were using propane anyway, we went ahead and made a pumpkin pie, I made some more yogurt, and we baked some cookies to decorate with the Ronald's kids.

I'm having trouble getting pictures uploaded, but here is a picture of the kids working on their cookies.

Its so quiet on the station right now--its just Beth, the Ronalds and me. I'm almost starting to miss the sound of happy children...

1 comment:

  1. Looks like they are enjoying themselves. I had
    33 letters this past wk. from little Amish Kids
    at a country school house out on the road down
    from where I was raised.. They sure were cute.
    One little boy wrote "I hope you are a well
    woman". Another little girl said, "I am fine
    as far as I know." I gave them 20 boxes of lg
    piece puzzles last fall for their school, so
    they were writing to say Thank You.. Their
    school will be out May 1st as the children have
    to help plant in the gardens & fields. One girl
    ask me to come for her graduation.They are only
    allowed to finish the 8th grade.. I sent her a
    Card & a little $ as I think I would be very
    unconfortable with all the families Amish.
    I'm a big Chicken...Ha Have a good week.
    Love gew