Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Crazy Begins...

Only 2 1/2 more weeks of term which means--lots and lots to do! Report cards, interviews, Annual General Meeting (AGM), show, and all those little odds and ends to tie up. I'm doing my best to have as many marks ready to total up before exam week so hopefully I won't be up till midnight on Saturday!

We have had some problems with theft in the last week, but thankfully a lot of the items were recovered, and some good discussions with our workers has come out of it. I didn't have anything go missing, but several other families on station did. Sometimes it's easy to forget that this is a culture that will take anything not bolted down, and that 'nicking' something is fine until you get caught and it becomes stealing. Hopefully this will discourage further theft for awhile and help keep our watchmen on their toes!

Another Brass Tacks family has arrived to continue work on the dinning hall; the roof isn't on yet, but you can definitely see the shape the finished building will take! This family was out here last summer, so it's good to see some familiar faces.

We are now at our coldest part of the year--yesterday morning it was 12 C after breakfast (about 50F)--brr! I must say I do enjoy getting to wear my shawls and light fires though!


  1. Whew, I am tired just reading all you have to do in the coming wks. Will double my prayers for your health & strength..Hugs gw

  2. Say "Hi" to everyone at Sakeji from us. Will keep you in our prayers as term ends.