Friday, July 8, 2011

FIRE, and a letdown.

Yesterday they started burning the firebreak around the school, and started on the part that is behind my house and by the soccer field. I was a little alarmed to see the billowing clouds of smoke and ash coming from the direction of mi casa, but this was a 'controlled' fire with several of our guys watching it and beating out any errant blazes. There was so much ash falling that it looked like black snow, and the soccer games in progress had to be stopped because they couldn't see the far half of the field. Yay for burning season!

After all the excitement of sports day, it was discovered yesterday that due to a spreadsheet error Fisher had not won Sports day after all, it was in fact Poole. I was just glad that it wasn't faulty score keeping on my part! Oh well, we still got second, and so far we are leading in Academic points.

Only a week and half left of school!

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  1. Good job Poole! And keep up the good work Fisher! :) Missing all of you very much as I go through my pictures and videos! Enjoy the last week and a half of schoooool!