Monday, January 9, 2012

The kids arrive tomorrow...

Today I:

*Got all my bulletin boards up and ready--I'm SO glad I brought some new boarder with me.

*Took care of some 'administrivia', picked out work books for different subjects, and organized most of the disaster that was my desk after last term.

*Broke off some more of the tooth that I broke while eating a sandwich on Sunday--it wasn't even toasted! The good news is that it doesn't hurt much at all; hopefully I can get it taken care of in April when I have to go to town for my work permit.

I'm looking forward to this new term with the kids, and getting to know our two new short termers. Prayers for good integration, wisdom for the teachers, and help with the many projects on station are appreciated. Prayers for the missionaries as they work through the new Zambian emigration laws would also be appreciated.

1 comment:

  1. My prayers are with you Lina. May God keep you Healthy & filled with Joy at serving Him. Hope the tooth doesn't give you problems. That would make it hard to consentrate. Love, gw