Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Random thoughts and impressions of an overseas trip

*Saying goodbye is really hard to do; saying goodbye to half your family and your 'core' family in the same day is even harder.

*My cousins married some great people--I just wish I had more time to get to know them!

*I managed to quell the temptation to vindictively kick the back of the relining guy's chair when he finally saw fit to return to it after a few hours of personles reclining on my knees. THINK people!

*London is really cool to fly over--I could recognize several landmarks including the Gherkin!

*Westminster Abbey was jam packed full of people which made it a less than ideal sight seeing trip, but SO worth it all the same.

*The sight of several hundred people all holding an audio guide to their ear and whipping around trying to see what's being described is rather amusing. Also, hearing arrogant Americans loudly explaining British history incorrectly is also amusing.

*I still love riding the Tube! Even though I almost fell asleep several times on the return journey...

*The flight from London to Jo-burg is REALLY LONG.

*Why do you panic and feel sure you'll forget what your luggage looks like when you're standing in front of a baggage carousel? Or maybe I'm the only person this happens to EVERY SINGLE TIME.

*I officially take back half of the stuff I said about my luggage being ghetto--Zambian luggage is even more disreputable than mine!

*Lusaka airport looks like it's in the middle of nowhere compared to London, Jo-burg and Atlanta.

*I'm so very glad to be home.

*I can't wait till it's late enough for me to go to bed and not have bad jet-lag issues.

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  1. Lina!
    How did you get back to Zambia so soon?
    Somehow it got by most of us at Brookwood that you would not be there the last weekend. Otherwise I think we would have had some kind of a sendoff for you.
    I feel bad that we missed saying goodbye for another year or two :{
    None the less, know that you are prayed for and that the church prays for you every week at our Sunday Morning Prayer Meeting!
    If you have any specific prayer requests, be sure to email them to me and they'll get put on the prayer list that we use!
    My email address, if you don't have it, is glwolfatgmaildotcalm. I will send you a reply to let you know I got it.
    May God richly bless you and provide for all your needs!
    Gus Wolf