Saturday, January 21, 2012


I took a very long nap today, and I'm feeling much better. I've been so tired this week, and I think it's partially because I'm adjusting back to the high altitude, and partially because I'm a teacher.

The new students are doing better now at following school rules and behaving, but I'm finding the change from the end of the year to the beginning quite big. That's one reason why I left myself sleep so long today; I need all the energy I can get to teach right now.

It's been so rainy recently, and everything seems damp. I have a leak in my roof that I kind of knew about, but when I saw the mushroom growing in the corner of the ceiling I knew it was time to put it on the maintenance list!

I'm working on teaching the 3rd and 4th grade girls how to do spool knitting, and I can't wait till they all get their knitting out the bottom of their spools so it will be more secure. I spent a lot of time putting the knitting back on the pegs and pulling it it out and making them start again after tangles beyond the realm of reasonable rescue were made. I like working with that age group, but 15 little high needs girls can be quite the challenge sometimes. Good thing the 4th graders are pretty competent already!

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  1. Kids, never a dull moment!! Bet they ran out to see if it was alive as soon as they were released..Ha That sounds like something your little brother or sister would do. (smile) They are such animal lovers. Continue to keep well. Love you gw