Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Zambian Roadtrip

Traveling in Zambia is very different from traveling at home for several reasons. First, there is a lot more dust, and way more pot holes than we would consider acceptable. Secondly, unlike our highways which are littered with fast food places and clean bathrooms, Zambia has very little of both. Also, there while most of the drive is grass and tress, there are some amusing roadside things to see. Sorry, there was only one or two guys with rats so I didn't get a picture of those! And yes, the rats are live.

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Charcoal. After Kitwe you see lots and lots of these bags by the side of the highway. Sometimes you see guys with four or more of these loaded up on his bike--I'm not sure what would happen if he fell over! Outside Lusaka there is an area where there are a whole lot of charcoal merchants, and the ground all around them is black. No wonder they have deforestation issues...

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This bright purple church makes me smile every time we pass it--it's faded a bit in the sun, and with all the dust it's not quite it's glorious hue, but it's still not quite the color we might choose for our buildings!

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Right now the lovely jacaranda trees are in full swing--they remind me a bit of the glory of wisteria in the spring! In the midst of all the red dust, they are a welcome splash of color.

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On the way down from Kitwe, there is this dead tree surrounded by a fence that we've always wondered about, so this time Beth and I investigated. They claim it was planted two and a half years ago by Banda, but obviously this isn't the case! Gotta love Zambian heritage sites!

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A random bit of home just outside Lusaka--love the windmill!

When Beth gets back, I'll get the other roadside wares pictures from her to share. I had good success at the embassy yesterday, so it's just shopping and relaxing on the list now! School is coming up way too fast...

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  1. Dear Lina: Glad your drivers lisence issue has been fixed even if they have you an older lady.Ha Hope your cough & lungs are better. That is not something to take lightly. Love you, & pray for you. Hugs gw