Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It only took me 2 years to get this!

Yesterday, at long last, with a minimum of hassle, I was given this-

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A tiny little rectangle of plastic that says that I can drive in this country till 2017, and that I was born 20 days earlier than I actually was. Praise the Lord for His goodness! Objective one of Lusaka trip--done!

This morning I put Beth and her cousin June on a bus to Livingstone, and then enjoyed a nice morning and afternoon of shopping and relaxing. I did some price checking, and found a few fun items including a cup to match the ones I already have! Originally I had bought 4, but one broke in transit, so I was thrilled to finally find one to re-complete my set!

Yesterday we went out to Sandy's Creations--a garden center, gift shop, and tea place just outside Lusaka. I'm going to be going back to get some plants, but yesterday we just enjoyed a cup of coffee and the plants. There were vegetable seedlings, trees and bushes, but not much in the way of flowers which was a bit disappointing. Sandy's has a lot of lovely fountains like this one

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in addition to other cool garden things. Outside Ndola there is a nice plant place, so I think we'll stop there as well.

I hope to do a 'So you want to take a road trip in Zambia?' post soon--I tried to get as many of the roadside wares as I could, but there was only one or two guys with rats tied to a stick, and only a few packed baskets of chickens. Maybe on the way back up!

Tomorrow I head to the US embassy to get my passport renewed--praying for things to go smoothly there.

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