Thursday, January 31, 2013

Short Update

I thought I would post a quick update about how the first weeks of school have gone, and to ask you to pray with me on a few things.

I now have my tickets for my trip home--praise the Lord! While I'm enjoying some things about this term, I'm getting very excited about seeing my family and friends. God has been working things out bit by bit, and I'm just so thankful for His help. I was able to get a lot of the planning for next term done while I was planning for this term, and I'll keep adding to my Term 2 file as I go. There still is not someone coming out who would be able to replace me, so we are continuing to pray for whatever provision the Lord deems best.

One detail of my furlough that I've started to pray about is transport. I'm looking into renting a vehicle from a ministry that provides wheels for missionaries for a part or all of my time at home, and would appreciate prayers as I make decisions. Having a car would enable me to better help out at home, have some freedom, and perhaps take some road trips to visit family and friends.

My students are settling in well, and while there are many frustrations in training up a new 6th grade class, I have already seen some progress in many of them. The biggest issue is that these kids are not used to doing homework, so it is a pretty big adjustment for them. Some of them also have a hard time working during class time, so they are already falling behind. I'm trying to give extra help where I can, and other staff are joining me in supporting these kids, but they still need prayer. I've been very encouraged by my 7th grade class--they have really stepped up to the plate and shown some new maturity this term. It gives me hope that I can get these other kids whipped into shape!

The first weekend of school, one of our fourth grade girls trusted the Lord--what a way to start the term off! Sometimes it seems like there are such dry spells where we pour ministry into seemingly deaf ears, but I'm learning to really hold onto the promise that God's word does not return to Him void. Who knows what words will take hold of a child's heart, or what action sets their hears on the road to repentance? Perhaps others will turn to the Savior this term, or it may be another term of sowing. Either way, praise the Lord for those who have responded to Him in this last year!

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  1. Praise the Lord for the one new soul!! I too hold to the promise of His word not returning to Him Void. I get discouraged so at times w/my Sunday School Class. Parents who don't attend church & won't help get the kids up in time on Sundays. When do you plan on coming State Side?? Will pray for the needs you mentioned. Love gw