Friday, January 11, 2013

The Children are back!

Today is full school day number two of Term 1, 2013, and so far things are going fairly well. This term is always a challenge because of the kids who are getting a bit of a wake-up call with our rules and procedures, but we're all getting better at explaining things in the best order. My new 6th grades haven't run screaming for the hills yet, so I count that a win, and I'm getting better at remembering that no, these kids have not been with me for two years, so they need a bit more direction when it comes to assignments and formatting.

I can't believe this is my fourth year of teaching! Some things are getting so much easier, and some things about my teaching bug me more now that I can stop worrying so much about getting it all right. I know you never really ever learn all there is to learn about teaching (which is good--otherwise I would be so very bored), and I hope to see myself continue to improve this year.

My dog continues to be a fearsome doorstop stealer--she is constantly running off with the wedges from the admin, and this time I haven't found them again. Sometimes I'm not sure which is worse--pets or children! Hazel also will pick up items the kids leave lying around and bring it to my yard. Nothing like returning dog slimed hankies!

The rain yesterday smelled so good that I had to do some shameless sniffing as I patrolled the halls during prep. Despite all the mud and wet feet, I really enjoy rainy season!


  1. I Can't believe it is 4 yrs already!! You are having rain, we are having snow & cold here. Hope this Term goes well for both you & the kids !! God's Blessing on all of you at Sakeiji Mission School. Hugs, gw

  2. The class rooms look really great. I could even teach in one of those...Ha gew