Monday, March 25, 2013

Praise the Lord for healing!

It’s been a rough trek for the last few days. I’ve had a shocking head cold that has knocked me flatter than I’ve been since I had bronchitis last year. To add to the normal fun of a cold, I have also been experiencing sudden violent nosebleeds at inopportune moments. I think the nosebleeds are a combination of the dryness of the week, the excessive nose blowing, and the antihistamines, and the altitude (I never had this problem back home); whatever is causing them they sure are demoralizing and annoying! Thankfully I’m turning the corner back to health, and I can think of something other than sleeping in every spare moment. Thank you for all your prayers! I’ve slept so much in the last few days that I can’t believe I can still sleep at night. I guess that more than how awful I’ve felt has let me know how very ill I was. I continue to take Vitamin C like it was candy, and to pray that I’ll be well over this before I travel in a week and a half. God is good.

My bags went over to Kalene this weekend to be flown down at some point before Jill and I fly out with the kids on April 4th. With the kids big bags there won’t be room for ours, so we had to plan ahead a bit. I packed what I could think of, and I’ll have a backpack for the oddments I couldn’t send ahead and the many things I’m already starting to realize that I forgot. I need to start working on report cards as well as continuing to write and mark exams, and in case I had any time to get bored I need to do some tidying in my house so it can be available for next term. Maybe that is part of why God allowed me to be knocked flat with a cold—so I would be rested at the start of this week!

Praise the Lord for He is the one who walks with us through even the worst of colds and the busiest of weeks!

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