Friday, March 15, 2013

Ants and Rain

I haven’t updated for awhile, but I’ve been about run off my feet these last few weeks. Last weekend was our second half-term, and I got a few things done that I had been putting off. We had a lot of rain that weekend so the kids spent a lot of time in the dorm, but I think that bothered the frazzled teachers more than the kids!

On Monday my gardener came and got me right before lunch and told me the red ants were at my house. When I got there I found ants all over my porch, soak-a-way, and enthusiastically climbing the walls and going up into the roof. I put some powder across my kitchen doorway, and then I gave him some “Doom” spray to get them off the walls. During lunch he used fire to beat them back, and when I got back again I found an ant free home! I was so thankful that the gardener was there that day, and that he was willing to help out! When the ants are marching you can generally keep them out of your home if you catch them early enough, but once they have taken over all you can do is move out until they are finished!

I’m trying to get everything organized for when I’m gone, and it’s a daunting task. I did a lot of planning at the beginning to term, but there is still a lot that needs to be done. I have pretty much sorted and put away the things from my container boxes, and now I’m trying to get my extras out of my house. I’ve started throwing things I want to take with me into my faithful Rubbermaid box so I don’t forget them when the time comes to pack. We still do not have someone coming out who could sub for me, so it’s looking like the other staff are going to have to compensate. Prayers for either a helper or extra strength would be appreciated!

We have had so much rain these last few weeks—praise the Lord! The rivers and wells are filling up, and the ground is getting the good soaking that we need. I love the smell of rain out here, and the smell of the clean earth afterwards. Hopefully the rains will continue till the end of April so our water table will get back to normal before the dry season!

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