Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The last few days...

Things are starting to move pretty fast as I face my eminent departure, and I find myself trying to grab on to the precious moments and opportunities before I climb on that big plane Thursday evening. God has been so good to me over this whole furlough, and this last week in particular. God has moved some mountains, send people to encourage me, and made things possible that I didn't think would work out. On Sunday I had a great visit and time of fellowship and sharing with the saints at Golden Bible Chapel, and today I got to have lunch with my good friend Rae. Tomorrow will be the (hopefully!) last frantic shopping trip, and then the packing will start. Because of my humanitarian plane ticket, I get to take 3 checked bags with me, but it is surprisingly easy to fill them up to their 50lb weight limit! I will be packing some boxes to mail to North Dakota to be put on the fall container (which will reach me in March or April next year). So many decisions, so many last minute details, and so many emotions! I'm so glad that my heavenly Father is with me every step of this journey, and that so many people are remembering me in prayer. I'm also thankful that this time of 'limbo' will be over soon, and I'll be diving into the new term at Sakeji. Onwards and upwards!

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