Friday, February 14, 2014

A low key sort of Valentine's Day

Not much to report this week other than that the truck made it safely up from the Copper Belt with our container supplies, and the boxes are being sorted and delivered today. What a nice Valentine’s Day present! I already got a few boxes that I packed this summer; there were some nice surprises in there! It’s amazing how much I didn’t remember packing…

Monday and Tuesday were half-term, so the usual events took place, and I got caught up on marking. Very exciting…if you’re me! We have been having really rainy, cool weather lately, so it was a pleasant bonus to have brilliant sunshine for the two days of half-term. I’m always amazed at how quickly the temperature out here changes based on the cloud cover—I’m so used to air masses that stay until a cold or warm front pushes them aside! I’ve been putting my handknit sock collection to good use as my cement floors are quite cold in the evenings, and I’ll need to pull out another quilt for my bed before too long. Huzzah for ‘winter!’

I realized today that I forgot to put up a picture of the finished porch on the back of the hall; I use it every Thursday as a recorder practicing place, and it’s come in handy for lots of other reason too. When it rained during our end of term program in December, all the kids were able to line up nice and dry before the show.

Parting shot: Here are some kids getting ready to ‘take the plunge’ into the freezing water of the dam during the early morning swim. Better them than me!

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