Friday, February 7, 2014

Finishing Up and Hall Pictures

Whew—it’s been a busy week! Our half-term holiday from school is Monday and Tuesday of next week, and I’m trying to get to a good stopping place in all my classes. Because this is a boarding school, the majority of the kids are here, and we have special traditions and activities for them. While the break from classes is nice, I often am quite busy marking and catching up over half-term. I can't believe we're halfway through the term already!

I realized the other day that I never posted pictures of the finished hall, so here are a few!

Here is the new front of the hall complete with a higher and wider stage, and all the stuff from the attic that we don't have anywhere else to put at the moment. There is projector mounted on the ceiling that makes it a lot easier to do assemblies, and the lighting is much nicer.

From the front of the hall, here is the view down to the back where our new storage rooms are. I love the garage doors and how much nicer it looks back there with no chair racks and ping-pong table cluttering things up!

Here is the music side--still some things to get rid of and organize, but after 4 hours of sorting and cleaning, SO MUCH more usable that it ever has been before!

Here are some new containers that will be part of our new storage complex by my house. Now we just need to get some more cement up here...

Here is a picture from the Main Sitting Room that shows why we are renovating and fixing the foundation--several cracks like this one just can't be fixed.

That's what's going on at Sakeji right now--have a blessed week!


  1. Thanks for posting construction pictures. It is great to see the improvements happening. It all looks good. The attic wasn't that scary unless you stepped through a crack.

    1. The floor was really starting to sag and sway, and a lot of the nails were pushing up from the boards so you had to be really careful how you walked. The hall renovations have been so great--it's a much more usable building now.