Friday, May 16, 2014

Shopping, garden, and the moon

It’s been another busy week here at Sakeji Mission School; I’ve had some great lessons and not had as much sleep as I would like, but so it goes. Last Saturday I took Sharese into Ikelenge with me because I needed to pick up some groceries. What can one buy in Ikelenge one might ask? Well, if you want flour, oil, Blue Band (a margarine-like substance), long life milk, and Chinese cabbage, you’re in luck! Buy the way, Chinese cabbage makes an acceptable spinach substitute.

My little garden is starting to show some signs of life—I’m so excited! The peas and pumpkin have sprouted so far, and I’m getting some extra tomatoes plants from the garden today. I look forward to enjoying some fresh veggies next term break!

Last night I set up the telescope for the kids so they could get a good look at the just past full moon. Later, I experimented with taking pictures through the eye piece, and got some nice results. I’ve had so much fun playing with that telescope—it’s amazing what lies just out of our sight in the sky!

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