Friday, May 2, 2014

Term 2, 2014 is officially started!

It’s been rather busy around here over the last few days! Most of the kids arrived on Tuesday, and classes started on Wednesday. No matter how long the holiday, there is always a big push to get everything ready! This week has gone pretty well in the grade 6 & 7 classroom. I’ve had a blast researching for the astronomy unit we’re doing this term—every time I teach it I come away in awe of God’s handiwork.

This year the weather has been very odd, and the end(?) of rainy season is no exception. We thought the rains had finally ended about three weeks ago, but over the last week it’s clouded over a lot and we’ve had a few rains. Last night I woke up to rain, but it’s nice and sunny again this morning.

Not much else to report just now—I’m on duty this weekend, so I’ll be busy. To close off, here is a picture of the finished front of the dorm. The roofing and finishing are projects that are going to be started soon.

Also, thought it’s a small thing, I was thrilled to be able to find a pair of sneakers that fit while I was in town this holiday. It’s much easier to walk on the airstrip with proper shoes!

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