Saturday, July 12, 2014

Bracing for exam week and scolding my cat

This week was far too short of a school week because of half-term, and this coming week is exam week, so I'm spending my last weekend on getting as much work done as I can in between weekend duties. I must say though, that I am SO thankful that I have the last weekend off to attempt to sleep enough to be coherent when I do parent interviews!

I've had to apologize of my cat's meddling with my marking before, but I came home this morning to grab some laundry and found this:

The good news was that the assignment that I need a grade on wasn't harmed! Java seems to get rather passive aggressive as the end of term comes up; I think she resents me being gone so much. And, because she's a cat, there isn't a whole lot I can to do discipline her! She may look innocent, but I am not fooled...

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