Saturday, July 26, 2014

In Brief

* Term 2 of 2014 is officially over! The kids were all gone before lunchtime on Thursday, and we staff members are slowly recovering in our various ways. For me, this includes a lot of sleep... I usually find it all I can do to stay awake till lunch time on Thursday!

* Wednesday was a crazy day: parent-teacher interviews, a big scavenger hunt, the annual general meeting, and a bonfire in addition to a morning of finishing off the last few things. Praise the Lord all went well, and I had some good conversations with parents.

* Beth, Bethany, and Sharese flew out this morning--I'm going to miss those girls! They made it safely to Lusaka, and will be flying out over the next few days.

* I got a kick out of this storage area for the grass the school bought last week. Our new container depot!

Parting shot: This was taken on my last river duty of the term.


  1. Hi Lina,
    I continue to enjoy your blog posts each month, as I pray for you. I love seeing the pictures. Has the grass been planted yet? It looks to be quite a bit. How long is your break before the next school term starts. Our kids will be going back to school around the 3rd week of August. Hope you are well. God bless you!!
    Lynne Gale

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! That grass is actually for thatching, but they are trying to get some growing in other areas of the school that have been damaged by construction. I'd have to check for the exact day, but the kids come back in early September.