Sunday, July 6, 2014

Now the madness begins…

Last Wednesday was our school birthday party; the theme was “Transportation.” I dressed up as a cowgirl, and the kids had a great time as always enjoying the delicious meal and all the cake and candy. Saturday was our annual Sports Day, and then Monday and Tuesday are our second Half-term. Four regular school days follow, then exam week starts. I’m not sure who will be more tired at the end of the term—the kids or the staff! I was the scorer and ribbon awarder for sports day, which means that in between bouts of action I was able to get some knitting done (I have a deadline). It was a lovely day—cool, but not to hot, and the kids had a blast. It always amazes me to see kids who usually dawdle and putter about the school streaking about! Here are a few pictures of Sports Day.

Every Sports Day starts with the whole school helping to carry our tug-o'-war rope, "Big Bertha" up to the sports field.

Each of our four house teams, Poole, Hoyte, Moleneaux, and Fisher had a tent to be in while they were not competing in a track or field event. I'm on Fisher, which meant that this is the one day a year when I will wear a yellow shirt.

I had a good view of the javelin and ball throw from where I sat distributing ribbons and entering in race scores,

I also had a good seat to cheer for the different races. Here’s what my view of Sports Day looked like:

We had some very tired kids and staff members by the end of the day, but we had no major injuries, and I was really encouraged to see some great displays of sportsmanship by kids of all ages. Also, the staff won the tug-o’-war against not only all our junior students, but against the seniors as well. Totally worth the sore muscles today!

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