Monday, January 26, 2015

Time ran away with me again...

I meant to post this update on Saturday, but as I was so exhausted I took a nice long nap instead. Some highlights from week two of term:

* First Latin lesson of the term with my 6th and 7th graders. I love teaching this class, and most of the kids enjoy it at least some of the time. Latin is such good brain training, a vocabulary builder, and foundation for studying any other romance language. Plus, it tickles me to bring it back to Sakeji!

* That nasty chest cold I had is mostly gone--Praise the Lord!

* My first junior music classes went pretty well. I am using Classroom Dojo again; I'm hoping that accumulating positive 'monster points' will help motivate those rather boisterous youngsters to think before they act.

* I continue to be challenged by my Hungarian ESL student. While Z is a lovely, sweet, intelligent boy, trying to find the words he needs to understand the concepts and figure out what to expect out of him without overwhelming or boring him has been a real stretch for me.

Well, I'd better sign off for now--marking is calling my name! Have a blessed week, and thanks for praying.

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