Sunday, January 11, 2015

Why Does Time Fly So Fast When You’re Having Fun?

I had the great privilege of spending Christmas at home in Texas this year, and while there was never enough sleep, so much shopping, cooking, and wrapping, wildly varying weather, it was the best Christmas ever. I spent somewhere around 58 hours in the air in just over a month, and was able to lease a vehicle from MTT which really helped out with all the errands. Some highlights:

* I got to go on a quick trip up to Ohio and then down to Atlanta to visit first a dear friend and then my Oma and Aunt. People are so important when you are home for such a short time, and I’m so thankful that the Lord worked things out for me to do that.

* All 8 of us kids were home for Christmas, and it was loud, crazy, full of people, and absolutely the best thing ever.

* My other grandparents came for a quick visit; unfortunately, they were rather violently ill with a killer cold/flue bug for the whole time so I didn’t get to see near as much of them as I would have liked!

* On my way to and from the States I had a layover in Dubai in which the airline put me up in a hotel room with complementary meals. While I didn’t end up going out into Dubai either time, I did enjoy the bits I got to experience while en route. So different from Africa and Europe!

* I got to go spend some time with a dear friend who lives in a nearby city, and call two others who lived too far away to visit this time.

Now that I’m back at Sakeji I have a few days to prepare for the start of our 2015 school year. Please pray for wisdom and help for the teachers as they plan and prepare their classrooms, pray for safety for the students traveling up by air and by road, and pray that we will glorify the Lord with what we accomplish over the next 10 weeks.

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