Sunday, February 1, 2015

Mangoes, marking, and rain oh my!

Getting to know my new class--learning who to push, who to support, and what homework to assign--has been keeping me pretty busy this week. Keeping on top of 'Marking Mountain' has been another big part of this week. Not sure if I've won yet... Making life more interesting lately has been the pouring rain three mornings this week. Some of my current best friends are these three items:

When you have to tramp through as much long grass as I do to get to school, having dry feet is something you think about rather a lot! One of my other big projects this week was to make mango butter using the bounty of late mangoes that we are currently enjoying. An afternoon and evening in a slow cooker, 9 cups of mangoes, and deliciousness results! I miss apple butter when I'm out here; I think this is a more than acceptable substitute.

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