Friday, November 28, 2014

What a ride!

It has really been a wild few days in the bush—finishing up a school year is always a challenge! I’m in Lusaka waiting for the first big leg of my journey home for Christmas, so I thought I’d take the time to update y’all.

Monday: A very long, very rough rehearsal for the end of term show, a run into Ikelenge,

and leavers party. Have largish plumbing issue—of course this is because I had volunteered to put someone up over end of term! Also find out that my new sewing machine is having issues.

Tuesday: Two rehearsals—things finally started to come together! Ran around like crazy tying off loose ends. Bathroom operational again; mostly! Large mess to clean up though.

Wednesday: Stuff in the classroom for the first part of the morning, 8 students baptized later in the morning,

11 interviews with parents, playing piano for Prize Giving, gulping down some supper, playing for the end of term show, “Every Land Rejoice.”

The show goes well—we’re praying that someone’s heart was stirred by the music and the words. Visit with my guest and then CRASH.

Thursday: Run around tying off loose ends in the morning, take a much needed nap, work on packing, have supper and gift exchange with Jill. Up too late once again—so many things to think through!

Friday: Today! Waiting at the Sakeij 'airport' for the plane...

Then a 3 hour flight in the small plane to Lusaka; it’s HOT down here! Not queasy during the flight; thank You Lord!

Subway for lunch—what a treat! Go with Tanis to the airport to watch her girls while she drops off some bags, then laze around all afternoon.

Tomorrow I fly to Dubai, have a 19 hour layover, and then finally on to Dallas. It’s so good to be going home even though the travel looks daunting and exhausting right now. I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving, and that your holiday season is blessed.

Parting shot: My 3rd and 4th grade handwork class made the decorations for the hall Christmas tree this year--they looked so nice!

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