Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day in the Bush

Yesterday was a very pleasant Valentine’s Day here at Sakeji School. The kids really got into making valentines for their friends and favorite staff members, and it was really neat to see the outpouring of good wishes and love.

I had fun making a 1 Corinthians 13 wreath with my handwork group yesterday—a nice change of pace from cross stitching!

We had our board meeting on Friday; it was good to see the board members and a few other visitors. Plans for renovating Lower School are moving ahead, as well as trying to come up with some better solutions to our power issue. Zangamina, the hydro plant near Kalene, has really been struggling this past month, and when your kitchen runs on electricity, it’s just not an option to have it cutting out on you all the time! Washing machines, computer class, and light bulbs in classrooms are just a few other areas that are affected by the sudden power cuts. We have two generators, but the larger one is currently out of commission, so the little one is doing its best to keep us feed, clean, and functioning. Never a dull moment!

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