Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Leaves, Paper and Clouds

Hey—another busy week! Imagine that… Notable happenings of week 5 were as follows:

* Jill made it back safely, and was the hero of the hour as she brought the textbooks I ordered back with her. Wow, marking Latin was MUCH easier with the proper edition of the teacher book! So very thankful… I also have some grammar quizzes for my 6th graders now.

* In the grade 6 & 7 classroom we wrapped up our science unit on botany, and now that I am marking the exam, we’ll be moving on to history. I’m excited—ancient Sumer, here we come!

* I waded through the leaf collection projects my kids did for science and was once again amazed at the sheer variety of plants that grow around here.

* One evening last week we noticed this amazing phenomena—the sun was setting at just the right angle behind the big cumulonimbus cloud to create the amazing rainbow effect at the top. I love the Zambian skies!

* I continue in my paper making adventures with the senior girls Rally group; here are a few pictures of the process.

And the finished result:

Of course around these more interesting things were lots of marking, play and sing (solfedge sight reading) for a grade in the senior music classes, several hours of teaching, and the many other little odd jobs that go on during a typical school week here. This Monday and Tuesday are half-term, so there is a bit of a break from routine, but when we are so thinly staffed it doesn’t end up being as big of a ‘break’ as it might be. Let’s hope the rain holds off tomorrow!

Parting shot: The heavens declare the majesty of God…

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