Sunday, February 21, 2016

It was a week!

Not much to say about this last week. We had half-term on Monday and Tuesday which while not relaxing per say, was a break from the hectic schedule we’ve been running with these last five weeks. It’s great to have Jill back; she had a bit of a week transitioning back into her full load, but thankfully she had the weekend and half-term to get over the worst of her jet lag.

I succumbed to the nasty sore throat that has been going around the students on Friday, managed to hang in there till Saturday lunch, and have been spending the weekend aggressively resting and drinking soothing fluids. Hopefully I’ll be functional tomorrow, and this will continue to get better quickly. Update: It's strep, and I'm now on antibiotics and already starting to feel better. Thank you for a nurse and good drugs!

Things are so damp right now that it is a constant fight to keep your cloths and shoes from mildewing. Here I'm drying some shoes with my fan on my trust cloths rack--you do what you gotta do!

Something I made over halfterm was this little holder for the unfortunate number of "No Name" papers I receive on a weekly basis. Why yes, there are penalties for such carelessness, but it hasn't seemed to cut down too much on incidents yet. *sigh* I keep telling them it's the easiest question on every sheet...

Parting shot: Look how full the dam is!

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