Monday, June 13, 2016


So, since this past week was a bit, shall we say 'tough' on the teaching front, here are some of the things that had me laughing. This is real live student work--not for the faint of heart!

“potmantoes” instead of portmanteaus (we were studying "Jabberwocky" in literature)

“waw” instead of wall. Gotta love 'Zamish!'

When labeling the phases of the moon for a worksheet- “fool moon.”

Did you know that the planets have an “epliptical” orbit? That all fractions reduce down to 1, and that 5 is divisible by 2 when convenient?

Also, I about lost it when someone read about bewaring of the “Nicolodians” instead of the Nicolaitans from Revelation 2.

What would life be like without laughter?

Here is another little glimpse into the glamour that is my life--every weekend I wash the microfiber and rags that we use to clean the school buildings. This past weekend I also took the time to wash the pile of handknit socks that had accumulated. These drying racks are one of the best items I have ever purchased; they are in CONSTANT use. To combat the damp laundry of wet season, or to make my microfiber crusades possible, I use these all the time.

It's getting to be that time of year again--the greater burning of Zambia. The school hasn't started working on its firebreak yet, but the fires around us are getting closer. I'm also seeing more ash around--I'll have to start drying more things indoors again...

Parting shot: I pulled out and resighted the telescope scope recently. Here is a picture of the waxing moon.

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