Monday, June 27, 2016

Hard Week

This past week was a pretty hard one for the Zambian missionary community. A much respected, veteran missionary went to be with the Lord last Monday, and as two of his daughters are teachers here, we were down two teachers for most the week, and then down half the staff on Saturday while others flew down to Chavuma for the funeral. I was also having a very challenging week personally, so the increased work load made for a rough weekend on, and a lot of prayer to just make it through.

On a funny note, I had a conversation I never thought would come up, about "Now there is a time and a place for arm farts..." following in incident in Sunday school. The things that come out of a teacher's mouth...

The other good thing in the midst of the mess of this past week, was my birthday box finally arrived, just short of a month late. Want to know what a box looks like after surviving the trek to the middle of nowhere where I live? Don't sent me breakables! There was this one terrible incident with barbecue sauce...

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