Monday, July 18, 2016


The big event this week was our birthday party, which was delayed when Mr. Y passed away in June. The theme was dinosaurs, and I didn’t get around to taking a single picture. The staff had foam dino hats provided by some short termers, so dressing up wasn’t too big a chore, and the kids had a blast with the dino goodie bags by their plates. The show was a pretty typical birthday party show; there were some funny skits, some awful ones, and some that were funny for reasons totally other than what the kids intended. My students were surprisingly with the day after, but there was some late homework on Wednesday. I was able to get two of my exams out of the way, and I have official started working on the report card comments.

Please pray for the teachers at Sakeji as we put in our tri-annual Herculean effort to get all the exams and report cards finished by Saturday, and also that the horrible flue that is sweeping through the school will pass the staff by. It’s bad enough trying to sort out the sick and faking kids, but to try and go through the busiest week of the year being sick yourself would be a very big trial.

Just a week and a half left! Where has term 2 flown?

Parting shot: Thank you Lord, for roses in the midst of the crazy.

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