Monday, July 4, 2016

Highlights from Week 9

* Our two staff members who’s father passed away are back with us now, so we have all our staff again. It’s going to be a busy last three and a half weeks of term.

* Saturday was Sports Day. It was my first Sports Day as the headmistress of Fisher house, and my kids did me proud. The second half of sports day will be this Tuesday; after that we’ll find out who won! Here was my view as the official scorer—of course I had knitting!

* On Sunday there was a bush fire that got out of control and almost swept across the airstrip to the school. I was out walking on the airstrip, so I had a ringside seat for the excitement. Out of all the fires I’ve seen over my years here, that was the first time I was worried. Hopefully this means we’ll get our fire break burned this week…

* For your enjoyment a few more ‘howlers.’
“Tasmanian devils in zoo’s would probably have chuncks of meat throne to them…”
On being told that Bach had 20 children, “Are you SURE?” A second grade student.
“Second Declension Newter” and the Pyramids are apparently located on the Giza Plato.
Did you know “The Nile river flows from downer Egypt to Upper Egypt”?
And, there was a return of the ‘fool’ instead of full grain.

Parting shot: One of my seventh grade students got creative with her rough draft of her research paper on chipmunks.

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