Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 10--two and a half more to go!

Monday and Tuesday of last week was half-term, so there was a nice break from the rigors of school. I got pretty much caught up on marking, took some sorely needed naps, and got a sore arm after participating in the tug o’ war that was part of the ‘fun’ races day. My kids brought their brains back to class to varying degrees, and one of my students pride and ungratefulness is really wearing at me. They burned most of the fire break around the school, and though my house sat in a cloud of smoke for two days, I felt much better knowing that if I did hear the crackle of a fire, at least my house wasn’t first on the gone list!

This is our last ‘normal’ week of school, with the coming week being exam and report card writing week. I am going to be giving a few of my exams this week; one of the benefits of first and second term being you can finish a unit for the report card, and then roll the last few days week onto the next. Third term, unfortunately, allows no such luxury… I’m going to try and start writing my comments as I can this week to ease my work load in that last full week.

Parting shot: Here is a picture of the lower school as it looked a week ago. Since then they have got a few roofing sheets put up. Chovu, chovu!

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