Tuesday, October 25, 2016

An Unexpected Meeting and Independence Day

Last week I had an exciting Thursday; I was supposed to take our three grade 9 students in to the local school where they are writing their national exams for a run through of the practicals on the music exam, but much to our surprise, the whole grade 9 music class and three teachers pitched up here! So, there was a scramble to set something up in the hall, we had to source a CD player to play last years test, and when their two CD’s didn’t work I had to run and get my iPod on which I had thankfully just put a copy of the 2015 music exam. We gave the kids the exam, and then the music teacher and I sat down and marked them all using the answer key we (really mostly I) had made. All in all, two hours of my day went to this most interesting of exercises. I was a little stunned when they left to see the number of electronics they had brought with them for apparently the express purpose of charging them on the sly off our electricity…oh Zambia!

I was off this weekend and got to spend some time with Ruthie and Beth as well as get some rest and try to dig myself out from under marking mountain. Today, Monday, is the 52nd anniversary of Zambia’s Independence, so we celebrated with our traditional swimming gala, lunch at the river, and bonfire in the evening. Heavy rain this afternoon curtailed some of the house events, but as it is very much needed I was thankful. Here are a few pictures:

The flag raising in the morning,

And the bonfire that evening. No picture of the swimming gala as I was rather busy getting kids to their races! Happy 52nd birthday Zambia.

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  1. I missed the bonfire this year! :(
    I submitted last year's bonfire pic (very much like your last one) in the fall fair and actually took a first! :)