Monday, October 17, 2016

Slower Week

I was on this last weekend, so that meant that there were two damaged toes to deal with at the river, a splinter, and a grievous green mango eating incident. I had Ruthie take some pictures of the first part of Sunday school--the nice part where I still have 240 power! Here I am directing the juniors into my classroom for some singing before we split up,

I did a lot of marking this past week, so much so in fact that I was able to enjoy a Saturday evening with NO MARKING. What a nice treat!

This week I will be switching back into history; Tim has taken my science class, so I am excited to dive into ancient Greece. I have an interactive notebook resource that I'm excited to use, and of course I love teaching history. That's pretty much all for now--a slower week is a good thing now and then!

Parting shot: I enjoyed this glorious sunset a few nights ago.

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