Monday, October 10, 2016

Two weeks--Birthday Party and Half-Term

These last two week have been so, so busy, so yeah, blogging didn’t happen. This weekend I was off, it was half-term, and I powered through a good portion of my to-do list. I would like to think that I leave myself some goals, but the bottom line is that I just put more on as I cross things off.

First, a few pictures from our farming birthday party.

Half-term was a nice time of not just marking and accomplishing, but also some rest. My swim supervision turned into dorm supervision due to a big rainstorm on Friday, but after that we had lovely weather in the afternoons that let the kids take advantage of the lovely river playground. I even went swimming after lunch on Saturday! Here are a few pictures.

Rainy afternoon in the dorm,

'Bag supper' in the rain.

The amazing chocolate chip cookie dough cake I made for Bethany,

And down at the river on the second day of half-term.

Parting shot-- A lovely sunrise over the misty soccer field before early morning swim this half-term.

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