Monday, March 15, 2010

What happens when teachers go on a field trip or

What teachers do when the kids aren't around!


Well, the second half term is over, and there remain just four more weeks to buckle down and finish up the term. Whew—what a ride!

This half term was a lot of fun—I enjoyed myself a lot. On Friday, Beth and I took the silver and gold (two highest levels of swimming) tubing down the river. It had been quite high earlier in the week due to heavy rain, but it had gone down by Friday morning unfortunately. There were a lot of palm trees down which we quickly learned to avoid as they have spinny leaves, and I gashed my foot on the bridge pilings. However, a good time was had by all and no one drowned. After tubing I played with the juniors and red seals in the pool while the gold and silver went down the Flying Fox (a zip line). Beth and I both climbed the anthill, looked down, and decided that we are both chickens. After a wonderful lunch of hamburgers down at the river, I went up to the house to feed Ceili before coming down to supervise the afternoon swim. It started raining, but fortunately cleared up before tea.

On Saturday I worked on things in my classroom, and then Beth and I went up to the dorm and worked on sewing up skirts with the chetengi we bought last weekend. Yes, there are pictures, but they’re on Beth’s camera so I’ll have to wait and get those. I brought up one of the ancient Singers from the hall where Mrs. P senior was working on them, and found to my dismay that it has a life of its own! It wouldn’t stop running! I unplugged it (at the machine end), and every time we tried to plug it back in, it would take off again! Now I know why my mom hates Singers...

Sunday was a wonderful day. The Ronalds, Beth, Jill, Bethany, Mr. and Mrs. P. senior, and Blesson went into Ikelenge for church. After church we went on a field trip to the Grand Canyon. What? you’re asking? The Grand Canyon isn’t in Zambia! However, we now have our very own Sakeji Grand Canyon right in the middle of the road about half an hour from here. When I say the road is impassible, this is what I mean.


You can see where they tried to put logs down to hold the mud, but its just washed out.


The Canyon was over 6 feet deep in some spots! A land cruiser might be able to just squeeze past, but a big lorry, no way. We are hoping to get a lorry up here this week with container goods and stuff from town (like flour!). There is another way round, but it sounds like that one is impassible as well. This presents a real problem for end of term—we’re discussing options and praying right now. Should be interesting!

After coming back from the Grand Canyon, we drove past the game park on our way home. To my surprise, we actually saw a lot of game! Puku, two Zebras, and a few Sables!

After a wonderful lunch complete with Sakeji ice cream and fudge, Jill, Beth and I went tubing again. Jill had never been, so we decided to fix that! There was an exciting bit where Jill and Beth almost drowned—the current slams you into this tree and it knocked Beth off her tube, and when Jill got off to help she got slammed under and against the tree as well. Luckily they are both good swimmers and were able to get away from the tree and back on their tubes. It didn’t help that we were all laughing hysterically at the time as well—we were having too much fun and it was such a ridiculous situation! We got out at the dam though because a storm was blowing up. Jill then came over for supper, and we had a lovely time before heading over for the Sunday evening gathering.

Today we’re back in class, and I have the afternoon ‘off’ to work on sorting out the next four weeks. I also have some bulletin board stuff to do... Photobucket is being difficult, so I’ll have to put up more pictures later. Happy Ides of March!


  1. YOU WENT TUBING ON SUNDAY? Mr. Hess must be shuddering in his grave!

  2. Whoa!! That road is no road...Ha Glad all of
    you were safe after your tubing experiences..
    Don't know what a Puku or Sable are. Have a good wk. Hugs

  3. Lena: looked up the Puku & Sable, so now I know
    what you saw...(smile) Truly an experience for
    you living in Africa. May God Protect you.