Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yesterday in music, two of the fourth grade boys were talking and being disruptive as they sat next to each other in the back row. So, I strolled over, looked at them, and said, “You two aren’t going to be a problem are you? You won’t be talking to each other anymore and I won’t have to move you?” Julius was like, “No.” So I said, “So if I look over here and see you two talking again, you’ll know you need to switch places with someone else so you won’t be tempted any more?” I was assured by both Julius and Ngonga that they wouldn’t be a problem—I wouldn’t have to split them up. So, I went on with my lesson and forgot about that particular discipline issue. I looked over a little later and saw that Ngonga had moved to the front row. I was a little surprised, but as he was being quiet and the 3rd and 4th graders are a rowdy bunch, I shrugged it off. After supper I was crashing a bit at the house before staff meeting when I remembered what I had threatened to do. Apparently I had looked over that way at some point and someone had felt guilty! How often does your discipline get carried out even when you forget about it?

Please pray for our road situation—there are starting to be food shortages in Ikelenge because the trucks can’t get up with supplies. We are going to be flying most if not all of the kids out—we’re praying that the airstrip doesn’t get too soggy in the next week and a half. There was money designated to fix the roads, but so far no sign of it. The roads are so bad at this point that we are talking about just making another road as this one is so horrible.

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  1. What happens to the teachers? Hope you are
    safe & also have food. Thought Africa was a
    dry country? Will be praying for your safety.