Saturday, March 6, 2010

My box came!

Well, its been a little while!

The big news is that the package my mom sent me with things like my DVD’s, my camera cord, and many of the things that were in my second box that didn’t make it out with me, arrived safely yesterday! It was so much fun to unpack it—almost like Christmas! I also got a letter each from Lucy, Jasper, and our dear friend Elder Fern. Now I just need to reorganize my house a little...

Things continue to be quite busy around here—the midpoint of our term was last week, so there have been a lot of exams, and I’ve switched from my Mexico social studies unit to a weather/earth study science unit. The kids are getting all excited about the second half term next week, and I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

This Monday was my afternoon off, and it was a particularly fun one. I went with Jill into Ikelenge to buy some salt and some chetengi (African cloth) to make a skirt. After a brief visit to the market, I went with Jill to a lady’s Bible study. It was so wonderful to sing and read the scriptures with those dear ladies—I even got asked to read a verse in Lunda! Apparently I did a halfway decent job—I guess they got the gist! I bought a Lunda bible yesterday to aid in my language learning efforts. Hopefully during term break Beth and I can really get some good work in—I want so much to be able to communicate with the Zambians in their own words! After the Bible study, Jill and I went to supper at the Fergusons, a family nearby. As always, their home was a quiet oasis of peace and refreshment, and Mrs. Ferguson made a heavenly curry. My mom grew up with both Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson, so it’s nice to extend the friendship another generation.

My puppy is growing and growing—its hard to believe how big Ceili is already!
All the other dogs on the station are little daschounds, so Ceili and her sister Sasha are going to seem like giants! Margie’s little dog, Princess, is really the only one of the older station dogs who will play with Ceili. When Ceili bowls her over Princess balls up, rolls back to her feet and lets Ceili have it! Its nice and relaxing to take a walk down the airstrip with the dogs and other people on the station in the evenings—its a good time to talk and unwind as well as stretching our legs out.

Well, I need to get offline, and photobucket isn't loading any more pictures. Urgh! Hopefully in the next few days... Have a great weekend all, and thanks so much for your prayers and letters!


  1. Praise the Lord! We prayed that package over there!

  2. Your dog is really growing...Such long legs &
    big feet!! Ha Glad your Mom's box arrived. It's always fun to receive a surprise box, regardless
    of the age!!(smile) Have a great week.