Monday, March 29, 2010

And so exam week starts...

This weekend was once again my weekend off, so I was able to go into Ikelenge for church. It was nice this time as Skyton (a local teacher) was able to translate for Mr. Ronald, so not only did I get to enjoy the singing, but I was able to understand the message as well! On the way home we met Jimmy (one of the kitchen staff) on his moterbike heading towards the clinic with a teenage boy who had cut the top of his foot quite deeply with an axe. Mrs. Ronald bandaged it up (as all he had on it was a filthy rag) and sent them on their way. Hopefully they found someone at the clinic who could stitch it as the road to Kalenge would have been very bad.
After lunch I took a nap, and then started to work on writing exams. I have 3 out of 5 written up now—I just need to do the two math exams. Evening fellowship was at the Fergusons, and we finished watching our video series. Beth and I sat in the back of Ronald’s land cruiser—there is a real skill to ridding on these bumpy roads! You have to brace yourself enough to not fly into the people around you, and at the same time you have to be relaxed enough that you don’t wake up sore the next day.
On Friday Beth and I walked to the Hillwood orphanage to drop off some little dresses for the kids. I put on sunscreen because I was wearing a tank top (it was a very hot day), but on my right shoulder I apparently missed a few spots as you could actually see my finger marks around the sunburn. We took Ceili with us, and while it was a long, hot walk, it was a nice change of pace and some good exercise.
Mr. Wideman is flying to Kalenge today—the air strip has dried off enough for us to use it again. Its starting to be cooler in the mornings, warm up during the day, and then cool off again at night. This is the first time I remember feeling the seasons change in Zambia, and its exciting. Its hard to believe I’ve been here three months now—in some ways it feels like just yesterday I was at work, and sometimes it seems like I’ve been out here forever.
Well, I had better run—lots to catch up on! Report cards are due by Saturday, and I want to get a head start. Have a wonderful week everyone, and a very happy Easter.


  1. Happy Easter to you too Lena. Seems like time
    has flown so fast.. I will attend Maudy Thurs.
    services this wk. also. Have a good wk. with
    giving exams & then getting a few wks. to
    relax. Hugs, gw

  2. Happy Easter to you too! I'm planning to make your hot cross buns this week and think of you. I love reading your blog. I hope that the roads all get fixed up.

  3. I remember the anxiety of exam week. So glad those days are far behind me!

  4. Did you get the things from your Mom? They were to go up on the plane from Lusaka. Sorry I spelled your name wrong on the bag.