Thursday, August 5, 2010

It’s a doggie, dog life...

At least down here at Valley View! I’m dog sitting two dachshunds for some staff members on holiday, and have been spending large parts of the day opening doors for said dogs, being followed by said dogs, and occasionally attacked by very excited said dogs when I return after an absence of more than two hours. Here is a picture of them looking all cute and innocent on my couch—don’t be taken in by their big brown eyes! These two are trouble with a capital T...


The darker one on the left is Barbara, and the lighter one on the right is Princess. After my big, clumsy puppy, these dogs seem so tiny in comparison! They do make nice lap warmers in the evenings though!

I’m enjoying my term break very much so far. Sleeping in, reading, sewing, knitting, cross stitching, cleaning my house—all those things that I don’t get to do much of during the term. I’m clearing out my cupboards so that when the container stuff arrives I’ll have somewhere to put them! Its a little weird to live in a house where more than half the stuff isn’t mine... I’ve enjoyed cooking for myself as well. Right now we’re getting lots of eggs every day, so I’ve been enjoying hard boiled eggs and eggs on toast quite a lot. I’ve found that I can cook eggs in my electric kettle—its saves propane and makes use of energy already being expended. Of course, when the eggs crack I can’t really use that water to make tea, but no system is perfect!

The weather is starting to change—it looks like fall around her as all the leaves are coming down. I’m kind of looking forward to the rains starting again, even though that will mean mud everywhere and that I’ll have to keep track of my umbrella again!

Yesterday all of us on station (the Sakeji staff and Brass Tacks team) headed out to the cottage for a cookout. The cottage is still just a chimney and roof propped up on stilts (yes, I forgot to take a picture—sorry!), but we are hoping to possibly rebuild it before too long. It was so nice to enjoy the river, the good food, the good company, and getting to watch the stars come out. When we got back to the station I discovered that my house key had fallen out of my bag, but praise the Lord it was just under my seat in the Ronald’s car. God is so good about looking out for the little details in life!


  1. I used to boil eggs in my electric teakettle all the time when I was at RVA. That's how my roommate and I made breakfast every day. I would boil the eggs, she would butter the bread, and then we'd use the egg water to make my tea and her coffee! It was a great system.

  2. I loved the Dog's picture. Brings back memories.
    I tried Dachshunds once years ago & the little
    fellow chewed the table legs so bad while we were
    gone to work/school, that I finally gave him away.
    They are really cute though.. Hugs, gw