Thursday, August 26, 2010


Today was a crazy day of shopping, and it's nice to be back at the Flight House and catching my breath. The first thing this morning was going with the Ronald's to pick up Bethany from the ariport, dropping her off at the Flight House to recover, and then heading out to work on our list of many arrends. I tried to get my driver's liscense today, but we found out that I needed a basic certificate of health which basically certifies that I'm alive, have all four limbs, am not falling down drunk or stoned, and can see and hear. In other words, I'm not a zombie! So, I think tomorrow we're going to try and find a place to get someone to certify that I'm alive so I can do the rest.

My big accomplishments today are not being squished by a dump truck, finding a toaster and ironing board, and knitting quite a bit on my sock. Most of the shopping today was more supplies for the school and for various projects, but I did get to pop into an amazing Indian fabric store. To bad there aren't any balls in the bush!

Right now it looks like we'll go ahead and spend the weekend in Lusaka, and drive back up to Kitwe on Monday.

And, as a bonus, a picture of why I love Zambia so much. This view is on the path that goes from just bellow my house to the air strip.


  1. I am glad to hear you avoided being squished. That is always a good thing! It sounds like you are loving it there!

  2. Getting a driver's license there sounds much easier than it is here-- proving you're not a zombie shouldn't be too difficult!