Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Not currently in the bush...

Well, the Ronald family and I rolled safely into Lusaka this afternoon with little hassle at road blocks, and no car problems. I decided to leave my truck in Kitwe and ride down with the Ronald’s as there didn’t seem to be a compelling enough reason to drive two vehicles down, and because I’m still a little leery of driving in Lusaka. I will hopefully be starting the process to get my Zambian drivers license in the next day or so as well as finishing up the shopping that I started today. The trip down from Sakeji went really well—the road between Ikelenge and Mwunilung is much better generally after the grader rolled over it, but still could use a lot of work. Driving in the sand was interesting—good thing I have some experience with that! The worst part of the paved road was actually the bit between Chingola and Solwezi—dreadful! It’s so different driving here—being on the left, on the constant watch for potholes and people, the police checks that don’t seem to accomplish much. Driving through the Copper Belt towns I found myself very, very grateful for living out in the bush.

I got to visit some dear family friends briefly in Kitwe, and Auntie Anita sent a delicious curry home with me along with some yummy chapattis. I LOVE Indian food—it was a nice change after my cooking! Hopefully I’ll get to see them again on my way back through.

Tomorrow—more shopping and errand running. Getting ‘out’ to the capital is a big deal, so there is a lot of accomplish!

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