Monday, December 20, 2010

Dear Mouse who is currently eating everything in my kitchen,

I am warning you that things are about to get very ugly between you and me. I have thus far tried traps and shouting at you while you brazenly gnaw away, just out of reach, in full daylight. If you force my hand, I can and will resort to poison even though I know you will drag your dying body to the spot where I will get to enjoy the smell for the longest period of time. If you had restrained yourself to eating plastic bags and such we might have been able to co-exist. However, your ill planned opening move of eating a hole in the bottom of two of my silicone baking cups and then eating a hole in my bag of walnuts made this very quickly personal, and you have only escalated your terrorism from there. I know it is wet outside, but there are other places than my kitchen where you could take up your abode. I'm giving you one more night to either get out or remove yourself from the picture. Remember, it was YOU who declared war!


1 comment:

  1. Why wait one night?? I don't like mice!! Ha
    Usually if there is one, there are several..
    Happy hunting..Hope there isn't a nest of 5 or
    6 babies growing...Does your dog ever come in
    the house? Guess you need a cat!! Have a good
    week and Merry Christmas...without