Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mexican Food, Mosquito patrol, and Felting

Well, this week has been busy in many ways! Here are some highlights:

* I FINALLY was able to order my laptop so it is now happily on its way to Texas PTL! It's amazing how much we rely on technology now--even in the bush!

* We three single ladies have been enjoying Mexican food this week--it's such a welcome break from our normal fare...and the beans and eggplant that are currently coming out our ears from our two gardens. I made our families beloved enchilada recipe tonight--yum! Tomorrow--fondue!

* Today of all days the health department's mosquito patrol decided to come and spray the dorm. This involved removing all the posters and things from the wall. They originally insisted on doing all the houses, but we firmly said NO to that plan. No apparently any mosquito that lands on the walls will be toast. This is all in an effort to get a handle on Malaria. I wonder if they were being paid triple or something to work Christmas week...

* I spent an epic hour and then some in the girls dorm storeroom working on felting my two hot pads and three snowmen. Let's just say that next time I'll start with a big pot of hot water or wait till second term when the solar hot water will be hotter. The felting process involved lots of kettlefulls of water on my part, and some reading of poetry in between resetting the machine. Always an adventure, felting...

So, all in all, it's been a good, though busy Christmas Adam. May all of you have a wonderful Christmas.

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  1. Dear Lina: Just wrote you & lost it, so will
    try again..Glad you can get a new Computer..I
    would rather write on mine than use a pen & paper.
    Wondered how you and the mice are getting along?
    Hope you have traps set & catching them all!!
    Have a good Christmas Lina...Love Aunt gw