Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Well, after a few days of suspense it looks like my laptop is either a) mostly dead or b) totally dead. So, I guess I'll be spending some evenings laptop shopping... It's funny how much you rely on technology, and then when it goes out on you, BIG proglems!

Other than electronics drama things are pretty quiet out here in the bush. After the week of rain, laundry is actually getting dry and we are being reminded that the sky is blue. I went to the butchery at Nchilla today to get some meat--sausages and pork chops for the term break. I felt so grown up--I've never bought pork chops before!

Ceili got 'fixed' today--Pam's dad is a vet and he brought the stuff out to take care of several of the dogs over here and one at Kalene. She seems to be recovering well, though she can't understand why she's hurting. Poor thing!

Well, it's late and I'd better run. Happy holidays all of you!


  1. So sorry about the computer. It had a longer life than most though!

  2. :[ about your computer! Did you ever get the CD's I sent you that you can't play now?
    Gus W.